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Keto Masterclass helps you go keto RIGHT to reach your goals

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“Keto Masterclass is fantastic. Love the layout. I have been on the fence for awhile and with all the conflicting info never flipped the trigger. Your approach is just what I needed.”  — Stephanie F.

What makes Keto Masterclass different?

This 45-day program will help you do keto right to lose excess fat and get healthy!

13 sections with videos and a step-by-step coursebook to help you take action in real life for real results.

Not to mention extra downloads, quizzes, food lists, meal planners, and MUCH more...

Have more energy & mental clarity (no more 2 P.M. brain fog) 

Play with your kids or walk upstairs without getting winded

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Escape the physical and emotional diet rollercoaster

Get rid of that uncomfortable bloat
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Keto Masterclass: The Structure

13 easy-to-digest modules so you can take it at your own speed. All have real-life actions so you're not left wondering what to do.

INCLUDING daily worksheets to track your progress for 45 days of your keto journey (no matter if you’ve been keto for awhile or are brand new!)  

Video instruction for each module (over 3 hours!)

Printable Downloads (stuff you want to post around your house!)

Daily Workbook To Keep You Tracking Towards Your Goals

Plus BONUS Downloads:

Your Blood Work and You ($17 value) Exclusive interview with lipidologist Dr. William Cromwell on how to get the full story on our blood work and watch for things like insulin resistance or pre-diabetes

Keto and Traumatic Brain Injury ($15 value) How a ketogenic diet can improve negative effects of Traumatic Brain Injury

Cholesterol and Keto: What you need to know ($19 value) Understand what your numbers mean and how keto can affect them. A powerful tool to have in your pocket. 

Troubleshooting Fat Loss ($7 value) If you hit the dreaded fat loss plateau, follow this chart to start shedding fat again.

Meal Creation Templates ($25 value) Simple guide to make your favorite keto foods into quick & easy breakfast, lunch, and dinner without spending hours looking up recipes online. 

45-day Exercise Program ($39 value) A workout program that scales from your current fitness level (no matter if you’re a couch potato or gym rat) and helps you progress over 45 days 

PLUS many more exclusive downloads only in Keto Masterclass ($27 value)

Peek inside...
Sound too good to be true? Watch this video pulled STRAIGHT from Keto Masterclass. 

You'll get an idea of structure and everything it includes...

(I'm not kidding when I say this thing is full of the best keto stuff.) 
Keto is life changing for a lot of people and can be for you too.
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"Keto Masterclass is perfect for people who want to approach the ketogenic diet in a context-dependent manner full of common sense and sanity. It gets an unquestioned thumbs up!" — Tyler Cartwright, founder Ketogains